The contour package at DermaSpace includes a combination of 3 treatments - cheek augmentation with dermal filler, masseter Botox, and chin augmentation/filler


Jawline slimming/masseter Botox:

This is a treatment involving the use of Botox to re shape the face. A strong, square jawline is often sought in a male, but in a female it is more desirable to softer, heart shaped face. This can be achieved by injecting controlled amounts of Botox into specific muscles at the sides of the face (the masseter muscle).

It is a quick procedure with no pain and no downtime.

Cheek augmentation:

This involves specifically placed dermal filler comprising of hyaluronic acid onto the cheek bone. This is achieved through a variety of advanced infection techniques that our aesthetic doctor at dermaspace in Huddersfield is highly trained and experienced in. The area is first numbed, and our dermal fillers (juvederm) contain built in anaesthetic to further minimise any discomfort.

The filler adds as an anchor on the cheekbone to create a more lifted and sculpted effect.

Chin augmentation:

This involves placing more dermal filler (as with cheek augmentation) at specific points on the chin to allow it to be re shaped and structured.

These 3 treatments combined will provide a stunning sculpted and contoured appearance.

Prices start from £950!

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