As we settle into the colder months, attention is often paid to our skin care but the lips can often be neglected. But with the cold air outside and the heated air inside, the lips can become dry and tight.

The cold weather can have a significant effect on our lips. When we go out into the cold we take measures to cover up the rest of our body, but the face and lips often remain exposed to the chilling wind.

Lips are a special type of skin that is thinner than the rest of the body and dries out 10 times faster than the skin on our face making it even more important to use extra protection.

Here are SIX tips to help keep your lips smooth all winter long:

1. Don’t lick your lips! When they feel dry it is natural to want to lick them to help moisten them. However this actually makes them even drier. Also the saliva contains enzymes which can further cause irritation.
2. Use an ointment based lipbalm. Look for one that contains essential oils and sunscreen. This will help to lock in moisture and heal any cracks.
3. Treat any cracks straight away.
4. Avoid rubbing or brushing your lips when they are peeling. This will create further cracks and sores. It’s much better to use a heavy ointment based lipbalm.
5. Avoid lipbalms that contain eucalyptus, menthol or camphor as these ingredients will actually further dry out the lips
6. Apply lipbalm before you go to bed at night.